The original vegetarian restaurant in Brighton.

We stumbled upon this by accident exploring the lanes.  I think it went something like this "Oh look Halloumi!" and then we sat down and gladly ordered some refreshments to hydrate from a morning of shopping.

Three colourful and fruity looking glasses arrived promptly to quench our thirst whilst we studied what the menu had to offer.

Food for friends as I mentioned is the original vegetarian restaurant in Brighton, now I'm usually a big meat-eater but I've noticed a bit of trend in my brunch selections at the moment and I seem to be gravitating towards the vegetarian option - I've even made my own version of The Ivy veggie brunch recently and it was amazing!

 Anyways back to lunch.

We settled on a sharing platter as we only wanted a light bite before our 64 Degrees feast later.

 We cooed over Brighton, discussed at length how we thought the lanes would be bigger (turns out we missed a big chunk) and drooled over our colourful platter packed with flavour.  It just looked so well, healthy!

There was crispy tofu slices and scotch eggs...

 Plenty of yummy dip. Bite-sized cucumber rolls with mango and coriander salsa - lots of green things!

Not forgetting the crumbed halloumi sticks which was the sole reason we stepped foot in the restaurant. Pretty sure if my sister had been at lunch we wouldn't have got a look in!

We also ordered a side of potato fries and bread board with oil & balsamic for good measure.

Food for friends was lovely and had such a nice vibe about it - Australian staff and super friendly!

The perfect post shopping lunch pit-stop - best enjoyed, with friends! A great start to the Brighton babe-cation.

Be sure to check it out if you're in Brighton (veggie fan or not - you'll love it!).
I've been hankering after The Ivy vegetarian brunch ever since our trip to Clifton. So I decided HEY! I can throw something similar together...


You'll need six simple ingredients:

1. Halloumi - the most vital part of this brunch.



2. Tomatoes - I like those pomodoro tomatoes, they're small, sweet and crunchy!


3. Avocado - is it even a vegetarian brunch if there is no avocado?



4. Baked beans - not my fav, but served in these cute Le Creuset dishes they taste even better. I just put the dish and beans straight in the oven to cook (I didn't fancy washing up another pan!).



5. Crispy potato slices - I'd love to have just rustled up some croquette hash-brown creation but well I'm not that much of a kitchen goddess (even better though, these Sainsbury's potatoes came pre-cut!)


6. Eggs - poached, obviously.  I love using these poachie pouches!


And plate up. Simples.




Grab your weapons and get stuck in!


The Ivy who?
Thought so.
We are very lucky to have a south facing, sometimes sun-soaked (British weather permitting) balcony.  We got excited (okay, I did) when about 2 hours worth of sunshine poked through the sort of greyish clouds and I gleefully declared it was Summer and I marched down to Homebase to get us an injection of all things green.

We invested in a comfy outdoor sofa and ottoman last summer - the Madrid set from John Lewis was a perfect fit for the balcony, quite literally it just fit! Our key requirement was to be able to position any furniture to maximise our south-facing position (all about those precious sunbathing hours).

I am considered though by my future Mother in law to have absolutely no green about my fingers, in fact both her and Mr. S held back groans at the amount of green things I'd bought home to die try keep alive.

But I'm optimistic!  We had a fantastic wild Wednesday potting everything up and discovering my preference for pots of style - over substance (i.e. No drainage ... handy) but it's totally fineeee!! Mr. S will eventually drill a few holes here and there and those beautiful Dahlia's won't drown from all the rain after all.

I bought a combination of garden centre, Homebase and IKEA green things - proving that you don't need to go crazy. They have fancy names which I don't remember and were all picked based on how they look...  you know, nice textured leaf patterns, all different shades of green and all different size and shapes.  I wanted this kinda of vibe:



I spent many days drooling over images of gardens with palms and overgrown ferns and planters so big that surely they would break the balcony... If you're just getting started on your own sun-trap it might be a handy place to start browsing, have a look here.

And here is a shopping list of all the things I only wish our budget could have stretched too. Turns out plants are expensive, who knew!

I've also heard we might get some sunshine before winter arrives in July (*Cough* not long till Game of Thrones) so get to it gang - Happy gardening!

64° is tucked away down in Brighton Lanes and is a small restaurant with an evolving menu of tasty tiny plates.


Mrs. Hull found this gem of a restaurant a few months before our babe-cation to Brighton and thank goodness she did.  You'll need to make a reservation well in advance to secure yourself a sitting (and if you're visiting as a couple you might even be lucky enough to have a front-row seat to Chef Bremner in action at the open kitchen table).

 Are you ready for this?


First plate of the evening: A tiny stone bowl of turbot, passionfruit and chilli served cold, it was a ceviche-style dish - packed with flavour!



Second plate: Chef special warm scones, which would help soak up the very drinkable ice cold Pinot.


Third plate: Asparagus, blood orange and brown sugar.  It tasted like marmalade! It was sweet but the asparagus had a crunch to it which made for interesting eating. The flavours took me right back to being little, having tea & marmalade on toast with Grandma and Grandad.

Fourth plate: Purple sprouting broccoli, gomasio and yolk. I do love a dippy egg and I think I could be converted to broccoli soldiers.


There was many a wine pit-stop in between the plate swapping.


 The fifth plate: Pork belly, hoisin, spring onion.  I think I prefer this to the classic duck version!  The pork belly was cooked to perfection, really tender but with a crisp and sticky crackling topper.


64 Degrees is an Instagrammers dream and our table was right by the window so the lighting was fantastic. Here we are... Bloggers in the wild!


Are you feeling full yet?

Ready for the sixth plate: Roly's lamb, chickpea and carrot.  At risk of sounding like a broken record this was the most tender lamb I've ever tasted, it melted in your mouth and the chickpea puree had a really moorish texture to it.


A pretty seventh plate arrived: Cauliflower, pangrattato and grape.


My absolute favourite of the night (although it was very hard to choose just one) the eighth plate: Beef rump (served as it only should be - rare), swede and sauerkraut.  You barely needed any cutlery to eat this, so tender the meat just fell away as you cut!



 The ninth plate was just palate cleanser (thank goodness!). Now unbutton your jeans and prepare for dessert.


We were feeling very full but couldn't resist ordering two plates to share.
Our final plates - tenth and eleventh: a sour rum-soaked gummy bear and a layered chocolate tiramisu mousse.



And that concludes the 64 degree experience.

Reservation anyone?  Yes, thought so: