August 25, 2014


It's cold, it's wet and I think it is safe to say Summer is officially over. So, anyone for ice cream?

Magnum have been celebrating their 25th Birthday with a pop up concept store exclusive to Selfridges over the last eight weeks of summer.  Have a nosy at the hashtag: #Magnumxselfridges for a little selection of the great creations!

The window displays at Selfridges as always are particularly fantastic. Shiny gold balloons, giant wrappers & over sized magnums hang rather deliciously in full view of Oxford Street. 

There are ones frosted with gold sparkles with rose petals gently blowing around.  Silver ornate ones with pearly details and many more!

So here we go.  Welcome to Make my Magnum at Selfridges

I've been waiting all summer to do this, and had admittedly taken part in some pre-event training recently on holiday in Portugal. A mostly ice cream based diet whilst I was away left me feeling quietly confident and ready for todays task.

It was one of the last weekends for the pop up store and expectedly what with it being bank holiday weekend as well it was quite busy, about a 15 minute wait in all to Make a Magnum - but worth the wait, I promise. 

These lovely ladies joined me...

The queue snaked around to provide an up close view of the inside of one of the fantastic window displays... sort of like a giant Magnum snow globe but with rose petals instead.

And plenty of shiny gold balloons for good measure.

Get to the ice cream, I hear you thinking!

There are 6 simple steps to designing your very own Magnum.

Coat it.

With a choice of milk chocolate, white chocolate or dark chocolate.

What is quite unexpected about this part is that your Magnum is actually dipping into HOT chocolate but the ice cream doesn't melt.

The contrast in temperatures sort of seals the chocolate around the ice cream, it is very clever. 

Next.  Top it.

The toppings bar had a interesting selection to choose from; mint crunch, biscuit crumble, sea salt, crushed meringue, hazelnuts, silver pearls, gold flakes, brownie, cheerios, almond flakes, goji berries and much more! 

You get to select 3 toppings of choice and it all goes into a silver pot ready to be sprinkled on at the next station.

Then to drizzle it. A choice of milk, white or dark chocolate decoration.

Literally like a kid in a candy shop

Fantastic, and you didn't even have to get your hands dirty.

Ready for the masterpieces?
Drum roll please.....
Here they are!

Three rather fantastic looking Magnums if I do say so myself.

I've Instagrammed these bad boys too with the hashtag #Magnumxselfridges for a chance to win a years supply of Magnums and a £250 Selfridges gift card.

Rachael's White chocolate Magnum with gold flakes, crushed meringue and almonds with dark chocolate drizzle & milk chocolate badge

Kerry's creation - a white chocolate magnum with crushed meringue, brownie and gold flakes with white chocolate drizzle & white chocolate badge.

And mine.  Milk chocolate magnum with silver pearls, mint crunch and brownie bits with white drizzle and white chocolate badge. Ridiculously hard to eat but hands down the best Magnum I've ever tasted.

We make it look easy... 

but there was toppings everywhere - in my handbag, on my face, down my jumper...  who cares right!  It was bloody delicious.

Sadly there is only one more weekend left for the Magnum concept store at Selfridges, it closes on the 30th August, so if you're quick and fancy pretending it is still summer (like me) I'd recommend a visit!