September 14, 2014

Polar Bear Biscuits #1

Sunday is my favourite day of the week and recently I've been feeling very festive.  Crisp leaves are rolling around in the wind outside, the early starts at the station are feeling a little fresher than before and most of London is sporting Chelsea boots again.  It is the kind of weather that makes you want to curl up inside, keep toasty and in my case, bake!

Today was my second attempt at icing and making biscuits.  

Not too bad are they?

The first attempt was a massive disaster.  I'll be honest the end result looked a little bit like a 5 year old had iced them and I couldn't even bring myself to blog about them, far too embarrassing.

But today I was feeling quietly confident thanks to a recent Fashionista icing class at The Biscuiteer's in Notting Hill.

I got to work prepping the royal icing and making the biscuit base early in the morning, the whole process is actually very time consuming, I really must remember to bake the biscuits the day before!

Line icing went into bags and flood icing went into bottles.

My chosen shapes; the Coca Cola Polar bear and a pink Flamingo, bit of an odd pairing but I hoped they would be reasonably simple to execute!  

I even made my own templates and cut them out from cardboard ^

Start with the line icing, this acts as a tiny barrier for the flood icing later on...

Next.... Miss Flamingo.  Line icing first, then flood the middle...

Mum had a go at some Christmas penguins as well (I told you, we're feeling very festive in our house!)

But got peckish mid way through and ate most of her creations before we finished!

The final biscuits were actually very cool.  I'm feeling very pleased with them!

3 little Coca Cola Polar Bears...

Polar bear out in the wild (minis the snow and icecaps)

I only iced five biscuits in the end, like I said before - it is such a long process with prepping the different consistencies of icing and then making the biscuits too, my attention span started to fade a little toward the end.

Excited for another baking session, might try something a little more detailed next time.  What do you think?