October 06, 2014

Watergate Bay Hotel

To Watergate Bay was exactly what the Doctor ordered. 

Watergate Bay Beach

An early start and a four hour drive later, and we were breathing in the fresh cornish air and soaking up the fantastic views of the bay.

Watergate Bay Beach
Watergate Bay Beach

From every vantage point possible.

It didn't take long before I was feeling hungry and lunch was on my mind. We met up with Mum & Dad who were checking in

and also feeling peckish after galavanting on the beach.

We settled on lunch in the Living Space - out on the terrace (with more of that view).

Watergate Bay Living Space Lunch

Watergate Bay Living Space Lunch
A perfect spot which filled up quickly with fellow hotel residents looking to make the most of the bursts of sunshine through the cotton wool clouds - all wrapped up, clutching cold glasses of wine peering out over the bay.

The menu was great, an awesome selection of seasonal lunch treats to choose from.

Watergate Bay Living Space Lunch
We gave the fishcakes, fish & chips and special fried chicken a whirl and washed it all down with deliciously cold wine & beer and breathtaking views.

Watergate Bay Living Space Lunch

Mum & Pete both opted for fish & chips (catch of the day) - when in Cornwall...hey!

Watergate Bay Living Space Fish & Chips

Dad couldn't resist the sound of the homemade fishcakes.  Which arrived as giant balls topped with bright green, crisp rocket and paddling in a pool of yoghurt, lemon and dill sauce.

and I went for the LSFC complete with fries, pickled slaw, chilli mayo, gem lettuce and a bouncy brioche bun.  Delicious!

The Watergate Bay Hotel is without a doubt my new home away from home.

 - it made the annual hit list the minute we walked through the doors and absorbed more of the beautiful view of the bay through the Living Space floor to ceiling panoramic windows

I am always a sucker for little details as well. Not only were we welcomed in reception with big smiles from the friendly reception staff but by a large framed chalkboard with all the essential information you would need for the weekend - times for low-tide, high-tide, sunrise, sunset, minimum and maximum temperatures and of course; the wifi password (seasonally appropriate as well - Windy Walks).

Framed posters promoting the Beach Polo (I've already started hinting to Pete about this)

The whole place has such a homey and relaxed vibe, with plenty of cosy nooks & crannies and big stripy cushioned chairs to plonk yourself in for the afternoon.

The rooms had an equally Cornish beach feel to them.

And a huge white wooden bed (which by the way was one of the best nights sleep I've had all week) 

We practically threw our bags in the room, tripping over each other as we skipped back to this hand painted wooden sign.

Swim Club boasts a 25-metre ocean-view infinity pool (with colourful pool side cushioned benches) and

 we had the entire place to ourselves!

Including the hot tub on the deck

Watergate Bay Hotel Spa & Hot tub

I felt oddly invigorated and refreshed all in the space of two hours.  The hot tub and fresh salty air just melted away a busy week the minute my toes touched the water.

We both agreed we needed one of these at home.

The afternoon just disappeared and soon it was time for dinner.

A quick pre-dinner tipple in the Living Space; we gave the Mojito and English Flower a try.

They were OK, not quite as cool as I was expecting.  Something a bit Fable Bar like would suit this place, you know... served in a jar with floating colourful flower petals and wooden stirrers, plenty of crushed ice, that kind of thing.

We made a move down to the beachfront - like moths to the sparkly shiny lights...

Welcome to Jamie Oliver's Fifteen.

The sun had set and the spotlight moved to the open kitchen, which was a hive of activity. 

We were sat prime position watching the Chefs performances as they cooked up dinner for the packed restaurant.

^ They did catch on to me taking cheeky snaps 

The service was faultless, our host ran us through the entire menu, she gave excellent recommendations, responding enthusiastically to our dinner choices and appeared & disappeared as if by magic topping up wine glasses and checking in on us.

Dad kicked things off with a bottle of the good stuff, giving it a little taste test for us all.

We enjoyed a round of starters - including the Crab Bruschetta (soft shell crab, lemon mayo, chilli and green leaves on a toasted ciabatta slice)

Pete and Dad opted for one of the Primi italian signature dishes to start.

Little mini italian pasta dishes (with a cornish twist!)

The evening was lovely we chatted about this that and the other. Pete got a grilling about his intentions from Dad, much to my amusement.

We laughed our way to the main course, a plethora of fillet steaks & a huge rib of beef - with a side of roast potatoes and greens to share.

Extremely salty greens (looked a bit like seaweed to me... quite apt since the restaurant is right on the beach).

The fillet was fantastic.  

It was much nicer than the rib of beef, which was a little tough... beautifully presented but Mum & I decided we had made a mistake not choosing the fillet, after eating half of Dad's for him.

Dessert more than made up for it though. Mini Ricotta doughnuts served with a tiny jug of what I can only remember as being white chocolate sauce with pistachio nuts - all on a wooden board.

No wonder I always have toothache, ay!

Lemon cheesecake was the other choice. Beautifully put together, it looked more like a piece of art.

Sadly Dad's Chocolate torte had all but crumbs left on the plate by the time I looked up with a mouthful of mini doughnuts to be able to take a picture.  I am assured it was delicious!

We said goodnight and I dreamt of glassy reflections on the beach, sand between my toes and if I could convince Pete to get a puppy before our a next visit... (keep dreaming!)

Watergate Bay is truly beautiful. 

A real 10/10 experience. A perfect retreat.

I think Mum & Dad loved it as much as we did, they looked so relaxed and rested - a shame we had to leave. I don't think I need to convince you much more, but there is also waffle machines at breakfast & maple syrup too...

Seriously, just book it and go! You won't regret it.