November 02, 2014 filming day

A few weeks ago Mum & I headed into London to take part in a little filming session for this years Not on the High Street Christmas inspiration campaign.

Christmas with Not On The Highstreet

Check it out for yourself here.

Yes, really. But let me jump back a few steps; we started the day, how all days should be started.

With breakfast.

Croissant and tea for me.

Jam, cream and scones for mum.

We didn't know an awful lot about what to expect from this filming day.  It was a spur of the moment - it will never happen - response to a tweet I spotted looking for extraordinary people to participate in their Christmas campaign this year.

So we trotted into London feeling nervous and found ourselves making our way into a room, not unlike the mess usually found in my sisters bedroom - to find an explosion of quirky and unique gifts, everywhere.

It was a very relaxed atmosphere, plenty of yummy food and Phoebe & Sophia who were leading the shoot were super fun and made us feel instantly at ease as we sat down to be made beautiful...

I don't think I've ever seen so many make-up brushes

I really enjoyed this bit

It was about a 100 degrees and incredibly summery, but we got into the festive spirit and into the Christmas frame of mind - look at the fantastic set!

Paper made snowflakes and Christmas trees.

We got to work...

We were asked to choose a few different Christmas gifts for friends or family and basically speak a little about why we had chosen them. Harder than it sounds, I can assure you!

Here our are less ordinary gift ideas - I've pinned them here.

Fabulous Etched Apothecary Bottles with glass stoppers.  They have awesome phrases etched on the outside; Creative Juices, Acidic Wit, A solution for everything. Or you can also personalise them!

Now I'm sure they are meant to be used for something sensible like soap or perfume, but I love that these could be used to accessorise and glam up the girls bar trolley.

I chose these for Naomi, my brothers girlfriend.  I always think of her as having little afternoon teas and cocktails sessions at uni with her housemates - I could see these being a bit hit!

Etched Apothecary Bottles £26 each - have a look here.

Have a little watch of this (absolutely cringe-worthy)

Mum & I also choose the Steak on the Stone Sharing Platter for Dad.

Family fun... tried and testing on holiday.  Dad is notoriously hard to buy for as he doesn't offer any suggestions at all.  He does enjoy a good steak thought and we've talked about getting one of these for home, but not got around to it! 

And the steak branding iron to compliment it!
You can personalise with your own message as well - bonus!

Steak Branding Iron from Not On The Highstreet
Only £30 - really creative and rather fun, there wouldn't ever be any debate over who had cooked the steaks again.

And here is Mum & I in action again, absolute gem - watch it!

Another favourite gift was the Reindeer Wine holder - how brilliant are these!

Wine holders from Not On The Highstreet

Made from birch ply wood and really unique.  Mum loved them so much she couldn't decide who to buy them for. The Penguin and the Reindeer wine rack are £22 each.

Explore the rest of the gifts we chose here.

It was a fantastic day, really fun playing with all the gifts and since we are always super early to get planning Christmas, it suited us down to a tee!

Here's to a extraordinary Christmas, hey!