December 22, 2014

Reindeers (wearing Christmas jumpers) biscuits

It is officially 3 days till Christmas and I am feeling about as festive as they come this weekend. 

So I thought I'd cobble together a quick festive baking blog post (that I know you'll all love) before the extended family descends for Christmas festivities!

Since it is unlikely that the "real Reindeer" on my Christmas wishlist is going to be fulfilled again this year, this is the 25th Christmas Santa hasn't left me one I might add. 
have taken matters into my own hands and have decided to make a whole herd of my own! Complete with festive Christmas jumpers, because even Reindeer's get cold.

Now, iced biscuits always seem like such a great idea - I love drawing, but I always forget how bloody long a process it is!

And hunting down Royal Icing 4 days before Christmas, harder than you think.

I used a Biscuiteer's recipe, which basically uses a whole tub of Golden Syrup...

You'll need:

• 350g plain flour
• 100g self raising flour
• 125g granulated sugar
• 125g salted butter, diced
• 125g golden syrup

• 1 large egg, lightly beaten

Makes 24 biscuits approx.

You sift the plain flour & self raising flour together, mix in the sugar.  Add the egg.

We doubled up ingredients - so two eggs for us. 
Then hey! Presto!

As if by magic - four dough balls ready to be rolled!

And cut into Reindeers!

You bake these Reindeer's for 13 mins at 170c (we found that was long enough or they start to go bit too brown at the edges)

And then, after a little pit stop - and a lot of will power we got all Picasso and mixed up some Christmas coloured icing.

We called it a day shortly after this. Icing biscuits and all the prep is so time consuming!

Sunday was going to be icing day.

Meg joined me for a bit too!

And slowly but surely the Christmas jumpers came together

Layer by layer they got more and more festive

Icing biscuits requires so much patience!

But once one or two start to come together it kind of spurs you on!

And soon I had an army of Reindeer's.  Each wearing a unique and different Christmas jumper!

I've wrapped a few up for work a little pre-Christmas treat for those of us in this week too...

Proper festive Reindeer's complete with snow storm!

Merry Christmas everyone!