December 09, 2014

Le Chalet on the Roof

On Wednesday night the Creative team took a trip to Verbier. 
Okay, I wish - but we did find ourselves a little slice of Swiss wintery heaven right here in London.

Le Chalet Restaurant on the roof.

Looks cosy right? 

Le Chalet even has its very own express lift that whizzes you straight to the roof of Selfridges.

The doors open to a log filled room, fluffy fur throws and a beautiful long enchanted corridor of sparkly trees to wander through to find reception.

Super festive.

We were shown to our table in the candle-lit alpine Chalet, a little booth set up with tartan throws for our knees and those sparkly twigs.

We had a little wait for Dan so we dived in and ordered some refreshments.

We went for a round of the 1936 Biere which is actually brewed in Verbier.

A quick toast to Christmas and the thousand and one projects we've got out the door to date, before this deliciously warm loaf of salted bread arrived to tide us over before dinner.

We all politely waited, then grabbed a slice!

A tear and share kind of deal, with salt and butter to slather on top.  The loaf itself was warm and very garlicky tasting, but really yummy in between sipping our beer!

Dan finally arrived and a flurry of drinks were ordered...

A bottle of the good stuff.

What is a Christmas dinner without bubbles!

Le Chalet is a Q Grill concept, so I was expecting a certain quality of food and the place didn't disappoint.

Four plates of seasonal goodness...

Nat and I devoured the Le Chalet burger, with butter bun, onions, guacamole, gherkins, salad, club sauce and a side of fries (which I'm pretty certain had chicken salt on, which I've not had since we left Sydney... it was UH-MAZING!) 

Dan went for the barked short rib with caramelised parsnip mash (looked a little too charcoaled to me)

Spit roast pork for Ben with chorizo cabbage and decoratively drizzled apple sauce.

There was nothing left on either plate at the end and all cutlery was licked clean - so I think they enjoyed it.

A light discussion about everyones travels (who knew Ben had lived in Mexico for 2 years?!), followed by a little top up...

Before a round of Choc-tails/Cocktails arrived

A gingerbread slipper for Ben which was a Havana rum, gingerbread, lemon, egg white and vanilla bitters concoction.

I went for the expresso martini made up of Stolichnaya, vanilla, kahlua and expresso (it even had some coffee beans bobbing around in it) - I'm not a coffee drinker especially so this beast kept me awake all night. Nat went for a fruity sparkly number.  And Dan the Honeycomb Old Fashioned.

And the taste testing commenced...

The old fashioned - honeycomb shards and whisky barrel aged bitters wasn't a favourite of mine. Dan enjoyed it though (he even had it for dessert).

These ones were much nicer (happy faces)

 Serious cocktail critiquing faces guys

Work the camera...

And to finish the evening, dessert.  Well, it would be rude not to, you can't travel all that way to Switzerland (*cough* Selfridges) without a spot of steamed chocolate and toffee sponge

and a slice of Black Forest Cheesecake!

Feeling stuffed and very merry we strolled back through the winter forest

Popped our coats back on, grabbed our ski's and headed out into the cold to admire the Selfridge's Christmas windows.

The windows were as always, fantastic and over the top.

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas...