April 21, 2015

The Elephant (and all the sides!)

Mr. S and I were over the moon to hear these two were finally engaged... so we headed to The Elephant at the Market to celebrate!

A small engagement present was required!

They seemed pretty chuffed, think we've been bumped up a table or two at the Wedding.

A beautiful personalised wooden wedding direction sign from Delightful Living at notonthehighstreet.com

The Elephant at the Market is Newbury's latest addition, I've blogged before about our visit (have a read here) I just love the quirky suitcases in the foyer.

and the awesome exposed warehouse style lamps.

And I did say I'd be back for the Chateaubriand....

The 20oz classic cut to share, with this nugget.

But first some starters to get the evening going, we were positively famished - and a little late, oops!

Charcoal oven-roasted marinated duck skewers with Asian salad, sticky plum dressing and toasted sesame seeds.

Olive platter for Jules - sourdough, rapeseed oil and marinated olives.

And the baked camembert, toasted sourdough and sticky onion Jam for Mr. S and I. 

Julian went for the 8oz Fillet with the trimmings - green beans, onion rings and triple cooked chips.

Lauren went for one of the wood fired pizzas, freshly made and you can even wander over for a little look whilst it's cooking.

Our sides slowly started appearing as we got excited about the hunk of meat arriving...

Sweet potato fries.
Triple cooked chips.

Peppercorn sauce pots.

Then it got a little amusing...

More and more sides and sauces started arriving in waves...

Obviously an error, but it was an amusing one for us and the staff... we all looked a little confused and suddenly the table was very full.

With a ridiculous amount of chips, fries and peppercorn sauces taking up every inch of the table, we were assured it was a mistake and on the house - so we tucked in!

The Chateaubriand was exceptional.

Medium rare, absolutely melt in your mouth delicious!

We did our best with the sauce... dipping, dripping, soaking and smothering everything possible!

Quite an achievement.

Incredibly good and incredibly stuffed by the end.  

Then the bill arrived and we played the guessing game!

I think I won, but thankfully we still split the bill!

I was feeling a little summery with the beautiful weather we've been having.

An awesome evening, hopefully get round to doing it again soon!
Roll on the Wedding guys!

No dessert again - but have you seen my Raspberry roulade?