April 26, 2015

Zebra Cake for Sophie's Birthday

I decided on Saturday to see if I could make Soph a Birthday Zebra Cake, feeling a little dubious about being able to pull it off... 

The Rich Gypsy Blog Zebra Cake

But I powered through and I'm bloody happy with the end result.

and to top it, her reaction was just the ticket!!!  How surprised does she look!?

Here we go, I greased the tins up!

Mixed up the sugar, butter, eggs and flour.  Just a simple sponge recipe for this creation!

Made sure I swapped out the meringue whisk for this one...using my lovely Kenwood K-Mix in Barcelona stripes.

< --- Multi-coloured 
< --- Barcelona 
< --- Woodland Kiwi

I wasn't entirely sure how much cake I'd need... so I just filled the tins up and hoped for the best!

Bit of a mixed result, not sure they would meet Mary Berry's standard, but they were a good base for the Zebra body!

Why the Zebra?  Well, it's Soph's favourite animal!  So I sketched up a quick 'ideal zebra' to base the cake on...

And got carving!

A real cut and paste job to assemble! 

Eventually the whole body was buttercreamed... Doesn't that sound like a really nice spa treatment?

Next it was time for Mr. Zebra to visit the stripes station

I used black roll out icing and cut the stripes up into different sizes - it was a bit trial and error!

Earning his stripes, one at a time...

And here he is, almost finished!

Next a quick quiff! 


My zig zag Next rug really suits him... looks at home with all the black and white!

Feeling very proud of myself - earning my apron for sure! 

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