May 03, 2015

Chocolate Cake with Meringue Kisses and Fluff Frosting

This week has been hardcore and the pressure has really been on at work - so the Bank Holiday couldn't have arrived at a better time.

First thing on the agenda - CAKE!

AND Bubbles with the girls for Lozza's 25th Birthday.

^ Those were all just for me. Only joking.

Now, what is a birthday without cake? Hey?

My Saturdays have become a bit baking intensive lately.  I've got the baking bug which has been fantastic for my blog but exhausting after such a big week; I definitely took on a little bit more than I could chew with this special creation just for Loz.

A 4 tiered chocolate cake with meringue kisses and fluff frosting.

It was about a four hour dedicated marathon to complete as there were so many components! Sponge, Meringues, Frosting...  some of which I'd never done before (so it was a bit of learning curve).

I got cracking with the Chocolate sponge mixture - spread across two tins.

^ Only the best ingredients for Loz.

The meringue kisses were very tricky to get the colouring right...(over did it a little with the Wilton Gel, these ended up turning everyones tongues blue for the entire evening)

I've fallen in love with Meringue Girls cookbook - my kisses execution wasn't quite as good, but not too bad for a first attempt!

The meringue mixture was pretty simple and I had a bit of practice a few weekends ago with my raspberry roulade, so I felt confident at giving it ago.

The art of piping a meringue kiss was actually a lot trickier than I was expecting...  

I tried using piping nozzles, but they ended up a little crinkly, I found just simply cutting the piping bag open was the best method - it made them fatter and smoother!

So the first and second batches didn't come out quite so well - so I did another lot shortly after.

The chocolate topping was a combination of dark chocolate, butter, golden syrup and a pinch of salt!

You're meant to leave to cool and thicken up before spreading.  I ran out of time... so this did end up going on the cake a bit sooner than it should have.

The layers of cake were frosted the with the meringue fluff mixture(think it needed to be a little bit thicker... I'll remember that for next time)

I sprinkled a few crushed up meringue pieces and stars in as well - for the extra colour pop.

With only 30 mins to go till Kayleigh arrived to pick me up I quickly slathered on the chocolate mix

I then cherry picked a few of the better meringue kisses for decorating the top from the batches I'd made!

And got arranging...

Plus some sparkly dust, silver baubles and stars for extra dazzle!

Reasonably pleased with the outcome for a first attempt. I think I can be proud, a whole afternoon of effort went into this anyways!

Some big improvements to be made for next time (the blue colouring and the thickness of the fluff mixture) and the entire cake was getting a little lopsided by the time 9pm blowing the candles came... either that or Loz has been practising her huffing and puffing!!

But it just about survived...

Then a few more drinks were in order, followed by a cup of Coffee before calling it a night.  Happy Birthday Lozza!