June 28, 2015

Quick & easy Pimm's recipe

It's that time of year again guys!  Wimbledon is about to grace our screens, epic amounts of strawberries and cream are about to be consumed and the sun is even promising to show its face!

So, in anticipation here is my Creative Conical Glass Pimm's® Recipe:


1 x Pimm's® The Original No. 1™

1 x bottle of Lemonade
1 x punnet of strawberries
1 x orange
Handful of mint
1 x spiralized cucumber
And plenty of ICE


1. Grab your Pimm's® The Original No. 1™

2. Chop up a handful of strawberries (I like it quite sweet)

3. Chop up a few segments of orange

4. Tear off a handful of cool cool mint

5. Spiralize some cucumber

Hemsley Hemsley spiralizer ^

6. Next, prepare your conical glasses (or jug)

7. Add ice, then throw in the strawberries, oranges, cucumber and mint

8. Then add Pimm's® as desired and leave the fruit to soak before adding the lemonade.

9. Add the lemonade next (it makes it nice and frothy - proper science experiment looking!)

10. Then add straws and you're good to go...

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Best served; outside in the beautiful British sunshine with great company.  Enjoy! 

Conical glasses from here