April 10, 2016

Macaron Making Masterclass at The Real Macaron Co

The Real Macaron Co Newbury

Macarons, (not macarooooons as Mum & I have been calling them) are french sweet meringue-based cakes and they are notoriously difficult to make. 

But after this myth busting masterclass at The Real Macaron Co - well, the world is our errr.. macaron! 

It was just the six of us for a 2.5 hour hands on baking session, we grabbed a drink and settled in for the demonstration.

Getting this lot to be quiet would be a challenge...

Gaye (the owner) of The Real Macaron Co has developed her own methodology and macaron recipe - which we would be trying later ourselves.

The recipe was simple to remember;
40g Caster sugar, 40g Icing sugar, 40g Almonds (ground), 1 medium egg and your colour of choice.

But you'll have to book yourself a masterclass to learn the exact technique ;-) 

Trust me, the recipe books don't tell you everything, and Gaye has plenty of sneaky tips to ensure you produce the perfect set of macarons! 

There are still a few spaces left!

There is a certain art to piping a macaron... but the silicone mat helps!

After watching how the pro's do it, it was our turn.

We picked our colours...

We got cracking at our stations.

^ concentration face

Rach bravely selected baby blue (I did try to remind her about the blue meringue kisses incident...)

And I went for melon yellow

Best part of baking, cleaning up right?

We poured our mixture into piping bags...

And Rach set off like a pro

I had to concentrate a lot for this part...

The Real Macaron Co Newbury

The next part was a little scary, I mostly feared the mixture flying up and hitting me in the face!

You had to drop the trays from a height you see, to help any air bubbles surface before you pop them in the oven!

The Real Macaron Co NewburyPossible macaron disaster zone, imminent.
Rach however looked like she had magical powers!

"It's leviosaaaa ... macarons!"

Both trays survived and went in the oven for 14-16 mins at 140 degrees... 

Whilst we waited, we had a little taste of some of The Real Macaron Co products and chatted through all the options for fillings!

The Real Macaron Co Newbury

The anticipation...

Mandy cooed over her own 'perfect macarons' without realizing

Then they just needed to cool...

Mums looked fantastic!

I even caught her eating them before they could be boxed up!

We used a simple buttercream filling.
I selected a little peppermint flavour for mine!

A little odd, I agree - since lemon might have suited it better. But I like to be different!

The Real Macaron Co Newbury
The Real Macaron Co Newbury

Rach went for fresh whipped cream & jam filling

Not bad for a first go I'd say!!

GO TEAM!  It was an awesome evening with awesome people.

You can check out The Real Macaron Co here.

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And for those asking, Rach's lovely apron is by Victoria Eggs ^