June 16, 2015

Fifteen Cornwall

5 courses.
Italian and Cornish inspired.
Great and gorgeous company.
View of ocean (albeit a little blustery and wet) and a nice cold glass of the good stuff.

Sounds perfect?

As Jacques Cousteau said, "the Sea, once it cast its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever" - so, true. I am a sucker for the Cornish coast!

We ignored the weather and cosied up in front of the panoramic view of the bay at Fifteen Cornwall for our Anniversary dinner and prepared ourselves for a taste of the finer things in life - five whole courses of it!

We splashed out on the Signature Tasting Menu - which was performed as though it was a scene from a well rehearsed musical, in a perfect Kiwi accent by the host.

How on earth she remembered it all, let alone almost making you feel like you'd already tasted it, I'll never know! It was really good, because we didn't quite know where to begin.

We took in the view inside... love those raindrop lights!

And outside (through the rain soaked windows)

The antipasto course arrived.


It's a zucchini fritti, silly.

A rather sneaky way of getting Mr. S to eat his greens I'd say.

Despite the odd appearance it was brilliant. And even more exciting it was filled with some sort of cream cheese once you got stuck in to the flower!

We devoured that like it was a teeny tiny snack!

A few sips of wine later... the insalata course arrived complete with kiwi recap of what to expect as the dishes were placed in front of us.

Burrata with chargrilled asparagus and balsamic glaze.

And Lee Carter's lobster with fregola di sarda and aioli

Both served chilled. Both delicious. We swapped half way through, practically licked the plate clean.

Next up, the primi course.

Tortellini stuffed with St. Ives crab

It was gone in 3 bites...
And a gulp of beer.

We were starting to feel a bit stuffed, the portions are small (something Mr. S hasn't quite got his head around) but there is actually a fair quantity of food to consume and a two hour sitting.

Next up, the secondi course.

Wood fired beef fillet, polenta, kale and mushrooms.

Absolutely spot on.

Followed by a rather perfect slab of chocolate torte.

I think I ate this in one spoonful!

And then as if by magic some mini cornish fudge and biscotti kisses to finish up.

We strolled back in the rain to the hotel

Mr. S disappeared and reappeared a little while later with two glasses of bubbles.

The big softy.
We toasted to soppy cards...

And oooh-ed and aaaahh-ed at the spectacular beach fireworks (what an awesome Anniversary surprise*)

Till next year, Cornwall.

*not because there was a Wedding going on at the hotel on the same night ;-)