June 10, 2015

Vintage Salt

London is bloody gorgeous in the sunshine, when it does decide to show its face - I imagine all the Londoner's frantically trying to decide which of London's many rooftops to descend upon for after work Thursday drinks!

We uber(ed) it across to Vintage Salt, which came highly recommended by Timeout and I did have a sneaky visit during Chelsea Flower show with Mum, so knew it was a good spot!

The roof was open, the sky was painted blue, the sun was beaming and some of us even remembered sunglasses!

The cocktail menu at Vintage Salt is great - plenty of refreshing jam jar options whipped up by the stripey Breton shirt men!

It didn't take long for the taste testing to commence!  We had a short wait for our table so thought we better stay hydrated.

We tried the Citrus Passion Crush jar, a Tropical Punch jar, a Raspberry Chillirita and Lychee Livener cocktail...

Not long after the last slurp, we were ushered away from the bar and to our table.

A nice little spot right by the open kitchen

And a very chatty happy waiter rustled up some more drinks 

So we could toast to new beginnings! Gutted these two are leaving at the end of the month, it's the end of an era!

We ordered some bread to soak up some of the fruity concoctions whilst we waited...

The ancient loaf bread went down a treat, although that is definitely only enough hand churned butter for me!

Soon a small army of striped shirts arrived with our main courses

Nat went for the Josper grilled spring chicken and spiced slaw.

Sadly Ben didn't get his steak - they'd run out. So the Cornish lamb chops had to do!  Such a tough life

And I went for the special of the day. "Posh fish & chips" as the waiter amusingly proclaimed - the fresh scallops & chips.

Aren't they beautiful? Served on their shells with a bed of seaweed and lovely green veggies.


We wolfed that down, sipped on a few more drinks before the really good stuff arrived.

Bergamot lemon meringue.

Chocolate brownie sundae dip.

And the best of all - the chocolate burger served with churros fries and chocolate dipping sauce!

It's a great little spot for the sunshine. Vintage Salt have an outside terrace complete with beach hut bar too - quickly now, is that the sunshine peeking through the clouds?

Book & don't forget your sunglasses!