August 26, 2015

Bottega afternoon tea

I've discovered an absolute gem on the Isle of Wight (thanks to my Auntie Lorraine).

Bottega is a rather decadent white pillared building nestled amongst the shops on Union Street in Ryde.

The sunshine was blaring and after a morning of hardcore shopping we were in desperate need of a cake-stop, I mean... pit stop.
We wandered in to Bottega, eyeing up the cake stand and were wowed by the cakes and the stunning chandeliers...  How cool is the decor?!

The deluxe afternoon tea with and prosecco sounded perfect... all four of us were tempted!

Absolute bargain, this top ^

The 3-tiered platters are made front of house by the chef who carefully assembles the savoury and sweet components, whilst the hostess lays the fine china and gold cutlery!

A short while later and half way through our bubbles - this amazing spread arrived!

Impressive and deserving of a mini-clap of delight!

We oooh-ed and ahhh-ed as the waiter ran through the fine details of what our taste buds could expect... and then, well no need for manners, we all tucked right in!

The sandwiches were brilliant, they were like mini crostini (mum's Christmas eve snack special) in two flavours.  

The first, the crowd-pleaser; egg mayo and chive

and the second - the show-stopper; cream cheese & spiralized cucumber with tomato garnish.

Then a tier of olive bread with a sun-dried tomato & hummous topping - not my favourite, but then I'm not an olive fan in the slightest.

Complimented by ice cold coke and fresh teas to slurp and sip as we nibbled away!

Really impressed that we actually behaved and ate the savoury bits first, as the scones and cake were beautiful!

Mum demolished the red velvet cupcake before the rest of us could even ask for a bite!

Feeling thoroughly stuffed we rolled down Union Street to continue our marathon shopping event. Girls days are the best, aren't they!

Check out Bottega for yourself!  With the Bank Holiday coming up, this could be a perfect addition to your plans! It was an impressive £19 each - the service is exemplary and matches the food and the exquisite surroundings!