August 13, 2015

Duck & Waffle: mimosas and breakfast up in the clouds

We quite literally flew 40 floors up into the sky to Duck & Waffle at Heron Tower.  The highest restaurant in the UK!

A bright and early start to my first Tuesday back at work since holiday (keep your eyes peeled for my holiday blog post), but mimosas and eggs were enough to tempt me out of bed and cure my raging post holiday blues.

We walked along the blue and white tiled corridor to check-in.  We practically had Duck & Waffle to ourselves, thanks to our early morning (7:45am) reservation - the city was still asleep and the suits weren't quite ready for breakfast.

There is something for everyone at Duck & Waffle.  You can even have duck... and waffles, which I am so ordering next visit!

Our waiter suggested some tea to get us started, but almost in unison we both chimed "Nope. Mimosa, please!"

Fresh, bright and thirst quenching.  I almost forgot it was champagne based, slurping away whilst taking in the views of east London from our window seats.

Since we had the place to ourselves our breakfast was ready at lightening speed.  Choosing was a tough decision, we deliberated over the waffles, then the eggs, then the waffles again (Leslie Knope would love the waffle selection) - before settling on the columbian eggs.


How do these places get their scrambled egg so smooth and so bloody good!

Two organic eggs served scrambled on sourdough toast with tiny bits of tomato, avocado, smoked salmon and spring onion. I think I could have eaten mine and Nat's.

We slurped up every last drop

Waved to the chefs on our way out
and reluctantly waited for the lift to take us back to earth. 

Not sure if it was the mimosa's talking... but the lift back down was a touch scary, you really had to hold on for dear life!

Recommend making a reservation, here - go nice and early if you want to skip the city hustle and bustle.