August 31, 2015

Gooey skillet brownies

What could be better on a soggy wet Bank Holiday Monday? ^
These skillet brownies are the bees knees.
Best served warm - topped with fluff, a dollop of ice cream and a handful of Rolo's and Reese's pieces.

Sounds ideal doesn't it?
Any brownie recipe will work for these (try this one).  Whether you prefer it nutty, fudgy or plain - grab your skillets and lets bake!

I mixed up the sugar, eggs and vanilla essence

Melted the butter and chocolate on a low heat

And then...

Combined all together in the trusty kMix - adding the flour, baking powder and salt slowly...

Once all mixed, I just folded in a handful of chocolate chunks and fudge bits.

Poured into the tiny skillets and popped them in the oven

for 30 mins at 180c approx.

Kept a close eye on their progress through the door - bake-off style!

Once the timers up, leave to cool for 15 minutes or so.

I got a little impatient and sprinkled some choccie bits on the top whilst they were still cooling down.

The great thing about the skillets (from here) is you can serve it up as it is! Minimum effort.  Don't forget the skillets do stay warm for quite a while, so be careful not to ruin in any kitchen worktops.

I served ours up on wooden boards with bright watermelon napkins (on this rainy day) and little side dishes of extra Rolo's and Reese's pieces.

Served with a generous dollop of fluff and ice cream on top 

Forks at the ready!

Tuck in!!!

Absolutely divine... gooey, warm chocolatey goodness.

Happy Bank Holiday Monday everyone! 
Gym tomorrow, right? ;-)