September 20, 2015

Meatopia 2015

The Rich Gypsy Blog Meatopia

Eat Meat Sleep Repeat.
Words to live by here at Tobacco Dock during Meatopia.

Meatopia is a weekend-long love affair of meat, drink, fire and music, a must for food lovers!

Welcome to Tobacco Dock...

We grabbed the local paper

Turned to the most important page

The treasure map of food gold on offer at Meatopia this year.

We collected our meat bucks (the local currency) and followed our noses...

The air was filled with delicious meaty and smokey aromas, drifting around the dock enveloping our fellow carnivores.

We watched in awe as some massive slabs of pork were expertly thrown on the grill at the Turner & George stand

Sliced and served up by some tough looking characters (gentle giants who kindly let me snap them hard at work)

This little dish was baste in what I can only explain as heaven on a brush.

and accompanied with some brioche and a little greenery.

Now I don't advise this sort of cavalier one-handed holding of this bad boy - two hands guys at all times on the precious cargo!

It really was food for thought...

Like no pig I've ever tasted before (I even ate the fatty bits, Dad!)

This is my 'I'm not sharing face'.

We licked our lips, forks, fingers... dishes... and went outside in search of refreshments.

Oh boy does London look good in the sunshine!

Even the sea creatures were angling for a nibble.

The atmosphere was perfect and we toasted to belated birthdays and a fabulous day so far...

It didn't take long to feel a little peckish again - so we joined the queue for SMOKESTAK's USDA Brisket.  The longest queue so far... it could only mean good things!

Absolutely love how everything was cooked up and assembled right in front of us, all whilst you hold your meat bucks like they are gold dust and try not to dribble.

A brisket bun of brilliance

This was Mr. S' favourite by far he even went back for seconds


It was pretty good to be fair, unbelievably tender.

With only a few meat bucks left decisions were becoming tougher and tougher and our jeans tighter and tighter!

I went for this by the guys at Tommi's Burger Joint.

Beer cheese guys! Beeeeeer cheeeeese *said like Homer Simpson*

Feeling epically stuffed, complete with food babies and meat sweats we departed and vowed to return fighting fit for next year!

Cheers guys and remember to eat, meat, sleep - repeat!

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Keep those eyes peeled for 2016 so you can get your chops around those tickets as soon as they're released.