December 25, 2015

Polar bears iced biscuits #2

Polar bears or snow bears as Mr. S calls them are possibly the most Christmassy animal going, we have Coca Cola to thank for that.

I had every intention of handing out a little snow bear to all my friends pre-Christmas but what is with the few days leading up to Christmas turning into the busiest time of your life? 

So since I have the memory of a sieve and forgot to dish these out I thought I'd share a quick vanilla biscuit recipe that I used - and the beauty of bears and flakes is that the icing is just one colour!

Vanilla biscuits:

100g Self raising flour
350g Plain flour
125g Granulated sugar
125g Lyle & Scott's golden syrup 
1/2 tbsp of vanilla extract
1 large egg

Grab yourself a purple pack of royal icing (all you have to do is add water).

Sainsbury's had a brilliant polar bear cutter this year and I also ordered from Amazon the Tala Snowflake set (probably be half the price after Christmas).

All you need to do is:

1. Sieve the flour and sugar into a bowl and add the butter.
2. Rub the butter with your fingertips into the mixture.

(I personally am quite impatient and have found I can combine those ingredients using my K-Mix on the lowest speed setting - until it forms a bread crumb like texture - just be careful not to overdo it).

3. Use a separate bowl and gently whisk the egg + add the vanilla extract.

4. Then all you need to do is make a well in the (flour/sugar/butter combo) bowl and add your egg/vanilla mixture + pop the bowl on the scales, then add the golden syrup! (So much easier than doing it separately).

5. Pop back in the mixer, combine until you have a dough to play with!

Tip:  Separate the dough into two disc like shapes and roll the dough about 4mm thick - between baking parchment sheets is easiest.  I have a Joseph & Joseph rolling pin which I highly recommend - see here.

Then it's a case of cutting out your shapes with your cutters and baking for 12-14 minutes at 170C.

Icing wise, follow the royal icing instructions on the pack - that will produce your line icing (the outline of the snow bears below)

And then just add a few more drops of water for the runny icing that fills the bears body!  

I do one big batch of icing usually - then split it; one for line, one for runny icing.

Here is Mr. Snow bear getting a pedicure...

And the whole gang...

Now all we need is some actual cold weather...

The snowflakes are simple too, it's all in the details (I used some edible gold glitter bits to add some shine)

Enjoy with a nice cuppa for a perfect afternoon treat!

Merry Christmas everyone! And don't forget to check out my Choc-mas slutty brownie post too! xx