December 13, 2015

Bloomon Utterly original bouquets, Delivered to your door

Utterly original bouquets. Delivered to your door. These bouquets pack a punch and are seriously impressive looking.  I'm a big fan of that whole messy, creative, these flowers just woke up like this vibe that they have going on.

Bloomon stems are hand-tied and curated by the team. You're guaranteed unconventional, creative, colourful fresh flowers every week, every month or even just as a one off - happiness by the bouquet load! This bouquet felt very seasonally appropriate and beautiful. Eye catching flowers - Check! Explosion of colour - Check! Experimental stems heights - Check!

Bloomon - beautiful flowers
Bloomon - beautiful flowers
The apartment has never smelt so good or looked so good.  Instagram worthy blooms for sure!

Also worth mentioning my flowers lasted just over 12 days, making a fortnightly delivery a perfect fit for us.  Once you go Bloomon you'll never go back! Bye bye supermarket blooms.

Bloomon - beautiful flowers
You can easily manage your deliveries online via Bloomon's website or order a one-off no strings attached from here.  Some of there recent bouquets are especially beautiful...

Go for medium bouquet - they are impressive and feel worth the money!