December 18, 2015

Christmas wreath-making with The White Horse Flower Co

I'm just going to leave this blog post here ready for those eager Elves who have already decided they want to snap up a wreath making place at The Honesty Group next year...

At the beginning of December I flexed my green fingers, tried to avoid any foliage related injuries and created my very first Christmas wreath with the help of Lindsey from The Whitehorse Flower Company.

The Honesty Group based in Ecchinswell hosted the Christmas Wreath workshop for 20 or so people in this fantastic barn, how gorgeous is it?  They also run a cookery school with some fantastic foodie courses throughout the year, which you need to check out.

We took our places - each had an oasis wreath foam ring, plenty of twine, a set of florist scissors and an incredible selection of foliage and floral goodies sourced by Lindsey herself to play around with! 

Ribbons in all sorts of shades and sparkly tones for the finishing touches too.

And these beauties...  I adore thistles (it must be my Scottish blood), they have such lush purple tones to them too.

Christmas wreaths can be super expensive, which is why opting to take a 'do-it-yourself' course with The Honesty Group workshop is so brilliant! You have everything you could possibly need at your disposal to create your masterpiece Christmas wreath all for around £50.

We were warned about 'Wreath Envy' which can take over at any time during the workshop, so it was important to just focus on your own creation as each and every wreath would be different but beautiful in their own right.

Lindsey kicked off the workshop with a live demo.  She picked, cut, trimmed and pushed the foliage into the ring and kept building and building layer upon layer as quick as lightening, making the process look effortless.  Her wreaths are insanely beautiful, you can check them out on her instagram here.

After the demo we were itching to get started and everyone swarmed around the boxes of goodies, grabbing bits here and there ready to get stuck in!

I've never made a wreath but being reasonably creative for a living I take these crafty sessions in my stride, quietly confident I got to work...

I may not be the neatest or the tidiest but the end result was starting to look very wreath like!

We occasionally held our creations up to the door, or popped them on the floor to view from above to see which areas needed a little more foliage or a bit of a trim to maintain that nice overgrown circle!

It was really difficult to know when to stop to be honest! 

But eventually we were all pleased with our creations 

And were very proudly ready to take them home - to be hung pride of place on the front door!

Mine lasted not quite as long as it should, not having an 'outside' front door for a very real foliage wreath is not the best but the neighbours did appreciate the gorgeous scent and it's beauty for a few weeks!  

I am planning on booking in with The Honesty Group again next year when the course becomes available!  And in the meantime, that chocolate making course looks insane...

Thanks for a fabulous crafty day!

Merry Christmas!