December 01, 2015

Gintuition with Dartington Crystal

It is officially December. You know what that means?  

A whole month of festive drinking, over-eating and daily countdowns until the big day. And could there be a better way to kick off the festivities than testing this GINTUITION gift set by Dartington Crystal? Ho! Ho! Ho!

The collection consists of three glasses in partnership with Fever-tree - the Copa, the Highball and the Martini.  The ultimate trio for all you gin-connoisseurs out there.

A quick splash in some soapy water, a bit of a shine, and we were ready to go. I was more than a little excited to give the personalised laser-cut acrylic stirrers a whirl too. I'm loving December already.

Mr. S put his feet up (doing his best Grinch impression) and I got to play G&T mixologist, rustling up three different gin based cocktails for us to enjoy in their perfectly paired glasses, after our hard days graft 'Elfing' the flat.

 We have a pretty handy cupboard of alcoholic goodies between us and after rummaging around I gathered up some elderflower liqueur, a bottle of lavender syrup, the must have Fever-tree tonics and some Gin.

The first cocktail for glass number 1 - the martini - was something I like to call Winterberry-politan (sounds festive, right?)

Simple ingredients:

Gin (of choice)

St. Germain Elderflower liqueur
Cranberry & Raspberry Juice
1/2 Lemon (juice)
Fresh raspberries to garnish
Plenty of ice

How to:

1. Fill your shaker with plenty of ice

2. Add the cranberry and raspberry juice

3. Then the gin (of choice) and Elderflower liqueur 

 4. Shake vigorously until frosty

Frosty enough. 

5. Then serve up in the martini glass

 6.  Add your garnish and stirrer

Easy peasy.

As you have probably sussed the Winterberry-politan is basically a Cosmo, but with gin.  

The GINTUITION collection also comes with an expert guide for each glass complete with mixing tips and cocktail recipes which is super helpful.

After a little deliberation I rustled up the beautiful looking Lavender Collins using the classic Highball glass.

For this you'll need...


Gin (of choice)

Lavender syrup - I used this one.
Fever-tree tonic water
Plenty of ice

How to:

1. Fill the shaker with ice

2. Add the gin (to suit)
3. Pour in the lavender syrup
4. Shake vigorously
5. Pour into the highball glass, and add the Fever-tree tonic

Garnish with a few lavender cuttings and if you're so inclined a brilliant flamingo straw!!!

And then finally, cocktail number 3: the perfect G&T (with cucumber explosion). For this I saved the on-trend copa stem glass and consulted the expert guide included for this recipe.

My spiralizer even got to come out of retirement (last use was probably Conical Pimms blog post in the summer, oops!)



Fever-tree tonic
Cucumber - (I spiralized, but can be done a multitude of ways!)
Plenty of ice
Mint sprig

How to:

1. Spiralize the cucumber

2. Fill the copa glass with ice and gin (to suit) 
3. Add the cucumber explosion & mint

4. Top up with Fever-tree tonic and serve!

Straws and stirrers optional, but always a great G&T accessory in my opinion.

It really is the simple things in life that are the best (and super easy with a little gintuition)

 We popped our feet up and gave each glass a thorough taste test in front of the tree - it's definitely beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

 Only 24 days of shopping time left!  That is plenty of time to pick up a Dartington Gintuition set (try here) and create your own festive cocktails to enjoy by the fire, with the tree lights dancing in the background!

Places to buy your GINTUITION KIT

Tesco (£19.95)
John lewis (£22)
Dartington UK directly (£25)
Amazon (£21.50)
Drinkstuff (£21.99)

The Rich Gypsy xo