January 31, 2016

My Birthday at The Woodspeen

The Woodspeen cocktails

 It was my birthday a few weeks ago. The January diets and New Year health kicks were shelved for just one night. 

After a short taxi ride out to the countryside we arrived at The Woodspeen in a middle of a downpour.  With umbrellas and heels to contend with we were warmly welcomed into the cosy bar...

The Woodspeen Cocktail menu

Rounds of beers, cocktails and rum were quickly ordered

The Woodspeen cocktails

Cosmos served with an orange peel garnish and the refreshing Evergreen with a generous slice of cucumber.

Our reservation was for 8, but we didn't get seated until 9 so we passed the time with some on the house cocktails. When we were eventually seated our beautiful booth had some surprise guests...

Two beautiful flamingos of my own!

The booth was fantastic by the way.  Right in the centre of the restaurant with a great view of the open kitchen

Rich kicked things off ordering a few bottles of wine for the table

And with the seal of approval, the glasses were filled to the brim!

Small rustic bags of warm bread and butter were quickly produced to nibble on whilst our starters were being expertly cooked in the kitchen.

An assortment of delicious taste bud tantalising plates...

The Woodspeen starters
The Woodspeen starter
Including my crab ravioli...

were gobbled up quickly, followed by more birthday toasting!

 A lot of giggles later a flurry of smiling staff arrived with our main courses.

Mr. S and I shared the braised beef cheeks, served in a skillet pan on a bed of kale - so tender and salty.

The Woodspeen braised beef cheeks

With plenty of sides (ordering when hungry, always be cautious!); bowls of cheesy horseradish mac n'cheese, triple cooked chips, creamy mash and mac n'broccoli for good measure - more than enough for 2 people sharing.

The Woodspeen venison pave

The venison with smoked potato, parsnip and red cabbage drizzled with onion gravy was a popular choice too.

The Woodspeen line caught cod
 I think we could all recommend the cod & scotch egg - having all had a small bite to try of Rachs! Charlie also hasn't stopped talking about the monkfish & pork belly with curly kale since!

Needless to say the entire meal was worth the wait and everyone loved every bite.

We finished up with made to order birthday cake

and continued with post-dinner drinks at the bar whilst we waited for our taxi home.

The Woodspeen was incredible, we never felt rushed despite being the last guests in the restaurant - the staff still poured the beers and topped up the prosecco!

I thoroughly recommend you try The Woodspeen if you get a chance.  Not that they need recommending, with a Michelin star and a packed restaurant on the 9th January (when usually most places on my Birthday are dead) - it kind of says it all.

Thank you for one of the best January birthday celebrations yet!