June 05, 2016

Dartington his & hers tumblers

Since the sunshine made an appearance today; Mr. S and I decided to give our new Dartington tumblers a whirl.  

They are proper solid, weighty glasses.

The kind you'd expect old weathered, whisky drinkers to be swooning over... 

Since we aren't swooning whisky drinkers we thought they'd be a fancy addition to our 'build your own' Pimm's tray in the sun, on the balcony!

Aren't they lush? 

Dartington also have this nifty new monogramming & engraving service that you can take advantage of - it's quick & easy and great for personalised your barware or adding a personal touch to a gift!  

We've got a fair few weddings this year and a 'his and her' monogrammed pair could be just the ticket for those tricky to buy for couples!

Our pair are a perfect addition to our growing make-shift bar corner.

Plus, we'll never get confused over whose Pimm's is whose again...

To make the perfect Pimm's.  Add No1 Pimm's (as much as you fancy) drop in an orange slice, some strawberries, a few slices of cucumber and a few mint leaves - and top up with lemonade.  

Here's to a perfect Sunday!