June 11, 2016

Honest Burgers (and tin cup cocktails)

And frozen tin cup margaritas for lunch. 

The tin cup cocktails menu was excellent; Botanic Garden, Kentucky Tea Sour, Paloma, Karma Libre... the list goes on! Have a look here.

We browsed the menu and settled on our honest burger of choice

with the help of the styled out chalked blackboard burger decision tree ...

 and waited patiently for the goods to arrive!

Toasting to new beginnings!

Honest(ly) this place is awesome.  Big sharing wooden tables, industrial lighting and a big open kitchen to watch the burger-chefs in action.  

Half way through our ice-cold tin cups the falcon dishes appeared!

This is the Honest cheese burger ^(medium cooked).

Even better, I hadn't realised but they came with a big batch of rosemary salted chips on the side - which was a nice surprise!

Check out Honest burgers next time your in the city, plenty of locations to choose from. A fantastic way to finish up in London with my work besties!

Followed by an awesome Mexican fiesta-send off at the office and plenty more drinks at the pub after... (I'll miss my creative partner in crime!)