August 23, 2016


Sundays are for brunching, a mantra I've always endeavoured to uphold. And where better to brunch than London with these two nuggets...

Welcome to Farmacy (a short walk from Queensway station).

Think clean indulgence, healthy comfort foods and plant-based ice cream sundaes.

 Helen arrived first and nabbed a nice spot in the corner - it was quiet at 10:30 when we arrived, most of London still bleary eyed I assume.  After some excited squealing we indulged our avocado fetish - all three of us ordered a batch of avocado toast and poached eggs.

 With cress and tomatoes and paprika garnish for a bit of kick.  There was even the option for gluten free bread.

 It made for a boring set of photos (sorry) but it is a classic Sunday brunch selection.
I enjoyed it a latte!

Whilst Lady Grey tucked in too!

With plenty of catching up to do, 12 weeks worth of hilarious stories, gossip and new work updates to get through, breakfast was soon over and a round of smoothie refreshments were needed!

 Served in lightweight clear plastic tumblers (nice) mine was the hazy pink-vanilla looking one called London sunset. Consisting of blasted pineapple, banana, blueberries & coconut water!

Helen went for the chocolate supreme, the one with what looks like choc chips floating on the surface - rather delicious and even included avocado as one of the ingredients. And the bright and beautiful Berry Punch with raspberry & mint garnish.

I've never felt so healthy, who'd of thought I'd opt for a superfood smoothie over bottomless prosecco...

Oh wait, then greedy guts here ordered a Vega’N’Mess...

  A rather tasty looking sundae - but wholesome (that's what I'm telling myself) with layers of mixed berry ‘cream’, maple meringue, coconut nice-cream, fresh berries & caramelised almonds

Which FYI is huge and clearly big enough to share, despite what my face (and tummy) might say...

Oh alright then... I reluctantly armed my brunch partners with the correct weapons!

 And we all tucked in...  yum, I can practically feel my skin glowing with all the goodness!

I couldn't fault the service, it was just the right amount of attention and patience (when we needed another 5 minutes to choose!) Farmacy is also beautifully decorated,  the central bar with gold details and rustic drift wood panelling is just ... wow! What a centrepiece.

Worth a visit particularly if you're looking for a feel good brunch (with no regrets).

Or for those not afraid of the post-brunch guilt... Granger & Co is still a firm favourite (sorry!)

Till next time London!

The Rich Gypsy xo