August 24, 2016

Maitre Choux

*Eclair klaxon*.  This is Maitre Choux.

The modern version of a French patisserie with three michelin star experienced chef Joakim Prat baking the most perfect eclairs, choux and chouquettes! And it has possibly the best window display I've ever seen in my life...

Rows and rows of neatly piped artisan eclairs in flavours you've only dreamed about. My kind of window shopping...

 We tried extra hard not to lick the glass as we peered in admiring the selection.

There was gold ones, greens ones, coffee bean ones, ones covered in strawberries..

 Popping candy, gold leaf, mini meringue decorations... the range of flavours was exquisite!

Pistachio goals right here.

They each also wore a badge of honour (edible of course) to signpost their excellence.

After a fair bit of drooling, the box-ing ceremony came next.

With it the difficult choice of whether to re-home 4, 6 or 8 eclairs?

 I did my choux-duty.  8 beauties, one of each flavour was packed neatly into their polka dot box, placed carefully in their travel bag and ready for their new home.

We arrived safe and sound, all choux in tact (for now)!

Chimes of "Delicious!", "Delightful!" , "Best £5 eclair I've ever tasted!" rang around the lounge.  Worth every penny!

Maitre Choux is opposite the Sanderson Hotel in South Kensington.

Just a tiny, chic, polka dot fronted shop, ready and waiting for you to pop by and satisfy your sweet tooth!