August 19, 2016

Pizza night at The Priory Inn

All hands on deck for midweek pizza night at The Priory Inn, in the quaint little town of Tetbury.

Where union jack bunting lines the street and the pizzas are guarded by a wall of purple artichoke thistles

 We opted for al fresco dining since the weather was particularly lush (but the inside of the Priory Inn was very cosy... that fireplace!)

 We kept it simple - the three P's. Pimm's, Prosecco and Pizzas.

Hydration choices were easily made but the pizza selection was a little trickier!  Everything sounded delicious. Just a few minutes of thoughtful pondering to decide...

The strawberry, basil, blue cheese and caramelised red onion pizza was Mrs. Hull & my choice (love an unexpected pizza topping)

 I'm pleased to report it was divine.

 As was this mushroom garden arrangement.

Perfect post-work dinner making the most of the British summer (whilst we can!)

PS: How cute is Becky's top.  Love a good flamingo!

The Priory Inn details here, pop by if you're in the neighbourhood.