October 28, 2016

No-carve halloween pumpkins

I don't know about you but carving pumpkins always seeeeems like such a fun thing to do for Halloween. I mean there are so many creative options; the pumpkins with the scary faces, the pumpkin being sick with its insides, the one with the baby pumpkin in it's mouth. Cool....but it's flipping hard work.

So... I have the lazy-girl version for you!

Since it's frowned upon to be too festive or Christmassy in October I decided to channel my inner elf (which is rearing it's head rather early this year) and create a set of simple no-carve ombré halloween pumpkins for our balcony.

These DIY beauties couldn't be easier, I promise.

All you need is:

1. Pumpkins!!
2. KOBRA spray paint - try here (for super quick delivery)
3. Disposable mask (you don't want to be legless on fumes)
4. Well ventilated area (very important)
5. Something to cover the ground and protect the surrounding area (that spray paint does travel)

I'm personally not a fussy pumpkin connoisseur whether you're diving into the crate at Waitrose or pulling on your wellies and heading to a pumpkin patch to make your selection - any size and shape really will do for this!

Once you're set-up in a super ventilated area - mask up.

It's KOBRA time.

I went for a fine misting of white KOBRA base...

Followed by a sporadic spraying of turquoise - to create a rough ombré effect.

The autumnal gold was particularly gorgeous!
I'm a total magpie and absolutely love how shiny it makes the pumpkins look.

Pumpkin styling at its best - a beautiful contrast in colour

It was a speedy process over all, the paint took about 30 minutes to dry - outside, before we moved them... and it was a great conversation point with the neighbours (we don't have a garden, so I bravely set up in the corner on the grass by the carpark!)

 Happy Halloween cherubs.

Aren't they the most beautiful pumpkins you've ever seen?