December 30, 2016

Coppa Club, Sonning

Now those are good eggs.  Look at them. Could this be the best smashed avocado toast and poached eggs yet?

I managed to persuade my ex-creative partner in crime to pop out to leafy Berkshire for brunch this weekend and we had heard the eggs in Sonning on Thames were particularly good.

Welcome to Coppa Club - a cosy country outpost for a London style brunch.

Think velvet sofas, a grade II listed building and original fireplaces... super cosy!
We settled in the lounge near the fireplace and excitedly swapped gifts.

Before ordering a round of tea and lattes whilst we chatted over the last few weeks worth of happenings and debated which breakfast foods sounded the most tasty.

Nat went for scrambled egg and smashed avocado toast.

 The best poached eggs and avocado toast I've had in a little while, a nice little kick of sliced chilli and coriander as well.

That is some expertly smashed avocado, look how smooth  it is!

Oh yes, who are the pancakes for? I hear you saying.

Being super greedy I ordered two breakfasts.

I figured if we had brunched in London we'd probably have paid twice the price for eggs but a perk of brunching in Berkshire is the price. Amazing that eggs 60 miles outside the capital can be half the price really!

Nat did help me out in the end, I swear...  Brunch is just not brunch without pancakes though am I right?! Oh, and mimosas!

The food was really good!  It was difficult not to order the entire menu.

Coppa Club was really cosy - the fire was crackling in the background, couples and friends were enjoying perfectly cooked eggs over the morning newspaper, it was all very civilised.

The hot chocolate in the giant marbled mugs is a must! Proper winter warmer.

We didn't make a reservation at Coppa Club, we thought we'd chance it and our brunch timing was impeccable - the place was just warming up when we arrived - it wasn't long before the lunch session filled up and all the sofas and nooks were full!  Coppa Club is also dog-friendly and there was plenty of sleepy looking dogs enjoying puppy-cinos by the roaring fire.

Worth a visit. I'll definitely be back with Mr. S soon!

Ps.  I'm feeling super festive now!