December 02, 2016

Christmas wreath-making 2017

It's officially December and the first item on the elf agenda this weekend - our front door.

We took an adventurous drive on a dark and wintery eve this week to Willow & Bloom's wreath workshop at The Mulberry Bush.

The workshop kicked off at 7pm with an in-depth demonstration on the art of wreath making by chief florist Helen.  After sipping our mulled wine and nibbling on the matchmakers, we rolled up our sleeves and got our green fingers stuck in - grabbing a variety of foliage and Christmas spruce.

Mountains of the stuff. The place smelt overwhelmingly outdoorsy!

Our oasis rings were pre-soaked and it was simply a case of layering in our chosen foliage and spruce selections one by one - until there were no gaps.

We began by filling out the bottom of the oasis first, to give a solid base of coverage.  Once we got going it was really important to hold up your wreath occasionally to check the overall look and shape to ensure it was coming together evenly.

This was the most time consuming part, you never feel like there is quite enough in there.  Helen provided plenty of seasonal decoration options too including dried orange and apple slices, crab apples, cinnamon sticks, ribbon bows and baubels.

 Lynds got some expert advice on orange slice placement.

Some were bushy, some were perfectly round, some were very green and wholesome whilst others had a beautiful grey tint and symmetrical foliage - all unique pieces. It was very difficult not to get wreath-envy!

I particularly loved Mum's bow addition.

The workshop at The Mulberry Bush was a really cosy and intimate experience, about 2.5 hours long and a very reasonable £35.00.

I did add a few little white accents from the flower stall in town on Saturday which just polished mine off a little more to my liking. No idea what they are called, but the florist wrapped them up with little socks on to protect the petals and I also opted to mix in a few sprigs of gypsophila and some longer stems of red berries to give a bit more Christmas POW!

Did you see my wreath from last years workshop?  I've gone for a completely different vibe for 2016 - heart shaped and more autumnal colour palette, hope you like it!