February 24, 2017

Husky dog sledding in Akureyri

We loved this team of gorgeous Siberian huskies and I think they liked us too.

Our adventures in Iceland continued on the Saturday in the capital of the North, Akureyri.  We hopped on an Icelandair propeller plane and 45 minutes later we were greeted by Andreas and his pack at the airport.

We rumbled up the mountain roads and pulled our Sorels on, zipped up our jackets and nervously listened to our introduction guide to being a musher and top tips for steering the sled.

Standard me, I rather excitedly kept interrupting to ask important questions like "What's this ones name? Does she like cuddles?" as I already looped myself around the smiling huskies.

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 Andreas from Inspiration Iceland and his side-kick were brilliant.  They gave a quick-easy to remember set of instructions and demonstration and Andreas supervised as you zoomed down the mountain on his cross country skis - so you always felt like help was close by if you needed it.  I actually was one of the first to sled and my pack of three speed demons were howling with excitement, raring to go!

It was mildly terrifying when I first set off, my hands were gripping the sled so tight I wasn't sure I was going to be able to unfold my fingers when I finished.

 I kept my knees bent and put my concentration face on.

 The view was amazing and I was in my element basking in the glorious sunshine as I howled Go! Go! Go! to the dogs as we gracefully travelled down the mountain (swear it felt faster than it looks by the way).

Sledding is all about balance and weight distribution. I actually only fell off once, I got a little over confident and misjudged an icy slope and over corrected myself.  There is an art to falling off though - you have to try take the sledge down with you, drop the snow anchor and your trusty pack will know to stop and wait for you to dust yourself off and hop back on.

My pack were very well behaved and listened to all of my instructions. 

As you can see here (basically a great example of what I'll be like as a Mum right there). 

The sunshine disappeared behind the clouds, the wind picked up and it was getting a little darker already.  We grabbed our winter woollies from the Jeep and wrapped up a little more before it was Mr. S turn to mush!

He's a big softie, grabbing a quick snuggle before he hopped on the sled.

These two patiently waited for Mr. S to shout Go!

We were serenaded with a howling ensemble and then they were off!

Celebrating a successful fall-free sled trip.

We loved every minute of our morning dog sledding in Akureyri and I would have loved to have smuggled these gorgeous pups back home, but sadly we had a flight to catch...

We stole a few more husky cuddles and finally said Sjáumst síðar to this view.  

Dog sledding was everything I thought it would be and more, an awesome bucket list worthy experience - I really can't recommend Inspiration Iceland enough.  It was well worth the extra planning and research to fly out of Reykjavik to Akureyri - even for the day!

Till next time! Bless Bless!