February 18, 2017

Sundays at The Bladebone

Looking for a cosy spot to spend a few lazy hours on a Sunday? The Bladebone Inn is as cosy as they come with its toasty fireplace, rustic oversized mix-matched furniture and welcoming smiles from the behind bar - it's that Sunday spot you've been looking for!

You'll even find a way to stay for dessert (it may involve unbuttoning your jeans though!).

I'll start a the beginning...

A few weekends ago I finally visited The Bladebone with some friends for an overdue Sunday catch-up.  The roast (and the pub) came highly recommended and after two delicious courses, I can totally understand why.

We were treated to warm cheese scone each whilst we pretended to take longer than 1 minute to choose our 'middle' course.

Ordering was exceptionally easy: 28-day sirloin of beef roasts all round. The beef was served just how you like it, in my case medium rare.

With roasties, parsnips and Yorkshire puds...

There was also market veg, cauliflower cheese and red cabbage served up in silver mess tins (I'm a big fan of quirky presentation!)

The Bladebone team were very attentive and checked in regularly to see if we needed any extras and top up the gravy (my fault, greedy guts does like a soggy Yorky pud).

A seriously tasty looking roast, right?

The rest of the menu looked pretty fab as well, see for yourself. I've already piped up about how lush the sharing camembert sounded to Mr. S *hint hint*.

We chatted about holidays, my trip to Iceland and our upcoming plans for the week. The fire was crackling in the background and the wind howling outside, it all felt very country-side chic (almost like the cast of Made in Chelsea might appear at any moment complete with Barbour jackets).

Before we knew it our plates were empty and we were rapidly falling into a food coma. I don't even remember who or how I managed to say yes to browsing the dessert menu! But I'm glad I did.

We concluded with Bailey's creme brûlée with homemade honeycomb and raspberries served in these excellent pots with a chocolate spoon!

And a warm sticky sticky pudding (so good they named it twice) with butterscotch sauce and vanilla ice cream.

Well, what are you waiting for - make a reservation and try it out for yourself!