March 03, 2017

The Fish Company, Reykjavik

I'd always planned for our Sunday in Reykjavik to be a chilled one (after all Scotland were playing in the rugby and we would most definitely need to be cheering them on). The wild weather in Akureyri actually ended up keeping us in north for an unplanned sleepover and meant we arrived back in Reykjavik just in time for our reservation at The Fish Company.

Mr. S was raving about this place after we left and I quote "The best dessert I have ever eaten" (loosely translated as "I just demolished that in 30 seconds flat").

The dishes at The Fish Company are artfully designed to transport you all around the world - "without fail, all the best adventures take place under a bridge" is the restaurants slogan and our evening dining experience was both exciting and homey.  We took ages perusing the menu with 2 courses to choose upfront it was quite a task to decide what to go for!

We eventually ordered and our flamboyant waiter presented some bread, flavoured butter and a surprise from the chef.

Sipping our Icelandic pints and prosecco we excitedly recounted our amazing Saturday in Akureyri; dog-sledding, scary snow-mobiling, walking 3km head on into 100mph winds to the airport, flights being cancelled, a brilliant unplanned night in Akureyri - just awesome.

I especially loved the interiors at The Fish Company, it was moody but cosy and glamorous all at the same time - we particularly admired the lighting situation (where can we get some copper wind-chime lights, please?)

We got stuck in to our starters - Japan for me, Spain for Mr. S.

Mixed sushi for me including a delicious deep fried lobster roll, salmon, soft shell and tuna with sesame snow and spicy chilli mayo.  Pretty looking dish and I so wanted to take that wooden plinth home.

And the Spanish dish consisting of mustard glazed pork belly and gnocchi pasta in a creamy sauce, sun dried tomatoes and olive puree for Mr. S.

Beautiful presentation.

Our main course didn't disappoint and was surprisingly quite generous for the price - I kind of thought it would be a bit like The Woodspeen, beautiful food but small tasty portions.

I went Irish with slow cooked artic char, which I wasn't expecting to be orange if I'm honest. Plus fried Icelandic lobster, scallops and beer glazed sun-chokes and apple globes and BEER FOAM.  The artic char was so tender it literally melted in your mouth and I struggled to finish the whole plate - the flavours were incredible and everything was obviously perfectly cooked.

Standard for Mr. S he opted for the most expensive thing on the menu - a Canadian dish at 6600kr.  Pan fried duck breast and duck leg confit with apricot jam, wild mushrooms, honey glazed carrots (a new favourite we've instigated at home) and smoked almond and apricot granola.  We all know how much Mr. S loves his granola!

Another round of drinks ensued and we met our final course.  Dessert.

The desserts to end all dessert battles.
Cuba Vs. Finland.

Finland was all about the green apples.  A silky salted caramel mousse with pistachio sponge, green apple sorbet and apple marshmallows, crumble and buttermilk foam - and served on the prettiest oversized blue dish (the lighting was a little tricky to capture the dish, sorry for a few camera shadows there...).

The Cuban dish featured chocolate mouse filled with praline and had a carefully placed lime and mint gel slice resting on the top.  There were also crystallised almonds, a peppermint sorbet and chocolate rocks sprinkled around the plate - if you blinked you would have missed it.

He demolished it in about 30 seconds flat and sat there silently looking guilty that he hadn't even offered me a spoon to taste!

Get your credit card ready, start saving your Icelandic Kr you are gonna want all three courses (twice over!).  The Fish Company is for seafood lovers and foodie appreciators - distinctly Icelandic!

Be sure to make reservations in advance it was jam packed not a table spare, even on a Sunday evening (and we also tried for Friday with no luck).

Bon apetite or verði þér að góðu!