March 31, 2017

That Unicorn Cake

I finally got the baking vibe back gang and this was the result. The much loved and pinned Pinterest cake of the moment - Yes! It's a Unicorn cake.

I've got a confession to make - I am always a bit of a reluctant baker.  I love decorating, coming up with crazy cake ideas but the actual bake foundations... you know, the actual cake the bit everyone has to eat is just not my cup of tea.  Mum usually helps me make sure it's edible, not burnt or under-cooked. So I am particularly proud to say "I baked this one on my own from start to finish"!

I followed The Kennet Cake Co's Drip Cake recipe (thanks Anna) and even put the newly acquired icing skills to use too.

The foundations of the cake were baked using a 6" tin, split it into 3 layers - plenty of cooling time, crumb coatings, chill time in the fridge and as many layers of buttercream as I could smoothly manage. This all had to be done before it even started to look vaguely like a Unicorn!

The Unicorn horn

Made using white Renshaw icing rolled into two skinny sausage shapes and then wrapped around a sturdy plastic straw until I had a shape that looked sort of right. I wish I'd made it a bit more cone-like to be honest, it turned out a little too tall and too pointy (lesson learned for next time).

I did pop in the fridge for 5 minutes to chill before placing on the cake...  and then it was just a case of painting a few layers of edible silver paint to add a spot of unicorn-magic!

The Unicorn hair

This was created using a Wilton 3-way icing nozzle. I realised quite quickly that I probably should have practiced... but I'd already committed and done a few swirls so continued with my haphazard approach. I do love the blue-green colours though, it looks so fresh and vibrant especially alongside the silver details.

The ears

Simple carved shapes from the rolled white icing. A little trial and error, but you'll figure it out! I chilled mine in the fridge it seemed to make them sturdier! Then finally I painted on silver highlights where I thought it needed it.

The eyes

I opted for cute closed eyes with lashes, there are so many more adventurous options for Unicorn facial features on Pinterest if you are so inclined.  But simple black edible paint and a steady hand is all you need!

Not bad for a first attempt anyways...  It almost could pass for one of those Pinterest cakes, don't you think?

I got all my supplies from Squires. A super handy cakey-shop, they usually have all those nifty bits to pull off those pinterest inspired cakes you've been pinning - bonus too - they have next day delivery.

Happy Birthday Meg!