June 04, 2017

64 Degrees Restaurant, Brighton

64° is tucked away down in Brighton Lanes and is a small restaurant with an evolving menu of tasty tiny plates.


Mrs. Hull found this gem of a restaurant a few months before our babe-cation to Brighton and thank goodness she did.  You'll need to make a reservation well in advance to secure yourself a sitting (and if you're visiting as a couple you might even be lucky enough to have a front-row seat to Chef Bremner in action at the open kitchen table).

 Are you ready for this?


First plate of the evening: A tiny stone bowl of turbot, passionfruit and chilli served cold, it was a ceviche-style dish - packed with flavour!



Second plate: Chef special warm scones, which would help soak up the very drinkable ice cold Pinot.


Third plate: Asparagus, blood orange and brown sugar.  It tasted like marmalade! It was sweet but the asparagus had a crunch to it which made for interesting eating. The flavours took me right back to being little, having tea & marmalade on toast with Grandma and Grandad.

Fourth plate: Purple sprouting broccoli, gomasio and yolk. I do love a dippy egg and I think I could be converted to broccoli soldiers.


There was many a wine pit-stop in between the plate swapping.


 The fifth plate: Pork belly, hoisin, spring onion.  I think I prefer this to the classic duck version!  The pork belly was cooked to perfection, really tender but with a crisp and sticky crackling topper.


64 Degrees is an Instagrammers dream and our table was right by the window so the lighting was fantastic. Here we are... Bloggers in the wild!


Are you feeling full yet?

Ready for the sixth plate: Roly's lamb, chickpea and carrot.  At risk of sounding like a broken record this was the most tender lamb I've ever tasted, it melted in your mouth and the chickpea puree had a really moorish texture to it.


A pretty seventh plate arrived: Cauliflower, pangrattato and grape.


My absolute favourite of the night (although it was very hard to choose just one) the eighth plate: Beef rump (served as it only should be - rare), swede and sauerkraut.  You barely needed any cutlery to eat this, so tender the meat just fell away as you cut!



 The ninth plate was just palate cleanser (thank goodness!). Now unbutton your jeans and prepare for dessert.


We were feeling very full but couldn't resist ordering two plates to share.
Our final plates - tenth and eleventh: a sour rum-soaked gummy bear and a layered chocolate tiramisu mousse.



And that concludes the 64 degree experience.

Reservation anyone?  Yes, thought so: www.64degrees.co.uk