May 21, 2017

Food for friends, Brighton

The original vegetarian restaurant in Brighton.

We stumbled upon this by accident exploring the lanes.  I think it went something like this "Oh look Halloumi!" and then we sat down and gladly ordered some refreshments to hydrate from a morning of shopping.

Three colourful and fruity looking glasses arrived promptly to quench our thirst whilst we studied what the menu had to offer.

Food for friends as I mentioned is the original vegetarian restaurant in Brighton, now I'm usually a big meat-eater but I've noticed a bit of trend in my brunch selections at the moment and I seem to be gravitating towards the vegetarian option - I've even made my own version of The Ivy veggie brunch recently and it was amazing!

 Anyways back to lunch.

We settled on a sharing platter as we only wanted a light bite before our 64 Degrees feast later.

 We cooed over Brighton, discussed at length how we thought the lanes would be bigger (turns out we missed a big chunk) and drooled over our colourful platter packed with flavour.  It just looked so well, healthy!

There was crispy tofu slices and scotch eggs...

 Plenty of yummy dip. Bite-sized cucumber rolls with mango and coriander salsa - lots of green things!

Not forgetting the crumbed halloumi sticks which was the sole reason we stepped foot in the restaurant. Pretty sure if my sister had been at lunch we wouldn't have got a look in!

We also ordered a side of potato fries and bread board with oil & balsamic for good measure.

Food for friends was lovely and had such a nice vibe about it - Australian staff and super friendly!

The perfect post shopping lunch pit-stop - best enjoyed, with friends! A great start to the Brighton babe-cation.

Be sure to check it out if you're in Brighton (veggie fan or not - you'll love it!).