September 17, 2017

Baby Shower Donuts (and some pressie ideas!)

This month is very exciting we fiiiiiiiinally have some friends who are having babies!!!!  YAY!!!!

Two of which are actually due in two weeks time, so we arranged to meet them for Sunday lunch and tiny human gift giving today.  OH! AND we took an added edible surprise...


Possibly the worlds cutest dessert, if I do say so myself. Such a simple, cute and deliciously fun idea.

All you need is three key ingredients - donuts, dummies and edible eyes.

I mean there really isn't a lot to explain is there?

I even cheated and snapped up some colourful, delicious sprinkled iced donuts at Tesco.  Stuck some Wilton candy eyes on and arranged a mixture of colourful dummies to bring them to life!

In terms of supplying en mass for a baby shower... they are much cheaper than fancy fondant cupcakes and have a bit of a surprise WOW factor to them! They really are the way forward...

Even the plain Krispy Kremes looks brilliant. Besides everyone loves a donut!

Now back to our pressies...  
The awesome white slogan baby onesies are from a lovely seller called Cows and Kisses. I absolutely adore the typography... Free Hugs, Sleep (haha good one!), Hello World... so awesome and BONUS - they are pretty neutral too! For those friends that are having a "surprise" (and won't tell you it might be a girl, just incase you buy them 20 million Flamingo themed presents...)

And the book.  Mother Pukka's Parenting the sh*t out of life - for people who happen to be parents (or might be soon), I only read the first chapter but I knew it would be good'un.  I follow Mother Pukka and she is absolutely hoot on Instagram... her stories are outrageously brilliant and brutally honest - all about the trials and tribulations of being a mum. Sorry friends whose baby showers I'm attending this year - this will likely be in your present bag! 

Safe to say some of the donut family didn't make it home, half eaten by Mrs. V in the car (what a tragedy).  Now hurry up Baby V, we can't wait to meet you!