September 11, 2017

Fantastic (wedding) feasts and where to find them

A little while back in June, I accepted an invitation to do a spot of food styling or fantastic feasting as I like to call it for an intimate wedding of 40. And I thought you know what… we actually nailed our first paid Fantastic Feast gig and you all should have a little drool over the photos - the food and location were spot on! 

“We” - that includes Mother Goose and I arrived mid-morning at Copse House near Henley on Thames to begin eagerly and effortlessly (ha!) throwing together this huge amount of food on this big long wooden trestle table, set-up in the garden - under festoon lit canvas.

Giant planks (similar here and here) in arm and our pinterest brains engaged we gathered the entire contents of the larder and fridge and began shipping it down to the bottom of the garden.

There were giant pork pies, quiches in every flavour, salads of every variety, cheeses from every country, olives, nuts, breads, dips and an epic amount of individually wrapped meat slices (which I will never forget frantically unwrapping piece by piece!) and not forgetting boards of our signature dish - Crostini slices.

Crostini, I hear you say?  

Well, basically a fancy way of saying toast with something yummy on the top. We made 120 crostini, I repeat 120 CROSTINI and a few different delicious flavours including melon, proscuitto and walnut with a smothering of cream cheese.  There was the classic Smoked salmon and cream cheese assemble, a colourful bruschetta, and a tasty honey, brie and strawberry!

This was where the main event took place, under canopy by a beautiful pond in the garden.  

It was a little drizzly, but it wouldn’t be an English wedding without a little sprinkling of the stuff.   

Now lets talk about the location.  This was all in the beautiful gardens of Copse House - an intimate country retreat.  A fantastic 'stay and play' concept and perfect for any intimate wedding (these guys had 40 of there closest family and friends over for the day/weekend to celebrate).   You essentially rent the house for the weekend, invite all your nearest and dearest (18 of which can sleepover) - they have all the relevant licenses and bits and bobs for you to throw your party - and you can celebrate and personalise your event exactly how you want!

I think I can safely say we have never thrown together a feast of this size before - Mum & I upscaled our typical family Christmas Eve feast by 5? 10? times the size.

But I’m extremely pleased to report we absolutely nailed it!  

Everyone was over the moon with the end result, lots of oohhing and ahhhing as guests approached and plenty of photos taken. I mean come on!  This has to be one of the most instagrammable wedding feasts ever...

And I heard reports the actual feast kept the guests going well into the early hours!

It really was an awesome concept, the Bride had a vision for her wedding and we instantly clicked, sharing the whole messy Pinterest feasting table vibe.  She just needed someone creative, foodie-loving to pull it together whilst she well, er… got married and actually enjoyed her day!  

She ordered all the food online to be delivered to the house and had various local suppliers for other delicious bits and bobs - all we had to do (not as easy as it looks I might add) was bring it to life, throw it all together and bring the wedding WOW factor!! 

DIY Wedding feast tables are very on trend at the moment and are an excellent cost-saver on the traditional wedding breakfast.  It is definitely the way forward for the relaxed, foodie loving Bride - what could be better than an afternoon spent grazing all of your favourite foods with 40 of your closest family and friends!

Feeling inspired? You can also have a little drool over my ‘Fantastic Feasts’ pinterest board here.
And... Prices for our "Fantastic Feast" services are available on request!

Happy planning!! xo