October 22, 2017

Bob Bob Ricard

Welcome to the wonderful dining experience that is Bob Bob Ricard.

Home of that 'press for champagne' button.

Bob Bob is tucked away off of Regents Street and just screams opulence and old school glamour when you step inside.

Step this way, through the blue velvet curtains...

To our lovely booth.

The styling feels very Orient Express and has a real Russian-British, art deco vibe about it... you feel like you've stepped back in time.

We naturally ordered a bottle of bubbles (and our lovely waiter encouraged us to make full use of our personal 'press for champagne' button once we'd ordered...)

For those wondering what happens when you press that button, a lovely waiter wearing a pink coloured waistcoat appears to top up your glass and it's all rather wonderful!

Even Mr. S enjoyed a glass of bubbles and he's not the biggest champagne fan. 

It was an easy choice for main courses; Lobster mac n' cheese for the ladies and perfectly cooked pork belly for the fellas.

We caught up on all the gossip and discussed upcoming trips away, weddings and Christmas plans... sipping away the afternoon. 

We finally settled on desserts... helped along by a strawberry sloe gin concoction which arrived with compliments of the chef for the small delay on the lobster mac n' cheese.

I think dessert was my favourite part of the whole Bob Bob experience. It was impossible to choose just one!

Mr. S went for what can only be described as the most epic Eton mess.  I need to find out how to make these spherical desserts at home, so clever.

The leaning tower of stripy strawberry soufflĂ© with pouring cream...

And then Jane and I opted for Bob Bob's signature dish, the golden chocolate glory - for the instagram hey!

The lovely host pours hot chocolate sauce carefully over the golden sphere and it slowly opens up in front of you to reveal the delicious chocolate mousse and flavoured jelly sweets inside.

Bloody delicious.

If you fancy splashing out we highly recommend a trip to Bob Bob, if only to use that iconic button.

Do you think Mr. S will let me install one at home?