October 29, 2017

Halloween one-eyed monster muffins

Ever get that feeling you're being watched?

It's Halloween weekend and I thought I'd call Mr. S bluff, he's been winding me up about the fact I've not used my mixer since March.  I've just not had the baking vibe you know... and my poor K-Mix has been collecting dust on the side. But I've caught up with bake-off and I'm feeling very inspired!

Upon investigation of the baking cupboard, I realised Mr. S was actually right (shock!) - half of my trusty ingredients were out of date, but fear not....

Paul Hollywood to the rescue.

This show-stopper Belgian chocolate muffin mix was the perfect base for my Halloween monster muffins...

It bakes 12 tasty muffins and basically all you have to do it chuck 2 eggs in and some butter, mix it up and bake for 25 minutes.

 I whipped up some chocolate buttercream icing; just a standard buttercream recipe and then I folded in some dark chocolate too (yum!)

The one-eyed monsters are actually everyones favourite Christmas treat.. Lindt truffles!

Coconut flavoured ones too, so good.  And then some Wilton candy eyes which are awesome and bringing any bake to life!

Then all you need is some brightly coloured buttercream icing to dip and coat them in!

Pretty simple, and very effective!

So here we go...some bake-off worthy Halloween one-eyed monster muffins!

All eyes on you.

Happy Halloweekend bakers!!